The top vitamins and minerals that everyone over 40 should supplement


1.  Vitamin D- Up tp 70% of the older population is deficient.  Probably THE

MOST IMPACTFUL vitamin to supplement.


2.  Vitamin K2- Hard to get in your diet.  Found in fermented foods. Crucial to help

calcium stay in the bones and not go into your arteries.


3.  Choline - 75% of older adults are deficient.  Deficiency can increase the

chances of Alzheimer's disease or fatty liver disease.


4.  Iodine - Challenging to get in your diet unless you add a lot of table salt or eat

seaweed.  Very important for thyroid function and brain health.


5.  Omega 3 - Extremely beneficial to heart and brain health.  


6.  Magnesium - The secret weapon against illness. Massive amounts of new

research are showing how depleted our foods are in magnesium due to poor

farming practices.  It is hard to get the proper amounts from food alone.


7.  Zinc - Extremely important for immunity.  Our bodies don't store it so it must

be taken daily. Most adults are woefully low cosuming less than 1 mg/day.


8.  Vitamin C - Well known for immunity but it is also important for wound healing.

  Fortunately, most adults are not deficient as it is easy to get in the diet.


9.  Vitamin A - Up to 50% of adults over 40 are deficient. Essential for older adults

to help prevent Macular Degeneration and to keep your night vision.  Also, Vitamin

A is essential for immune function.


10. B Vitamins (especially B12, B6 and B9) - 50% of the population has a MFTHR

gene mutation.  This mutation leads to high blood pressure, blood clots (stroke),

cardiovascular disease and some cancers.  If you have this gene mutation, you

have to supplement with B6, B9 and B12 to overcome the mutation.  Most people

don't know that they have it.