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Commonly Asked

We created our vitamin packs to provide nutritional benefits specifically to people 40 and over. Our daily packs are an easy solution for meeting nutritional needs.

Our boxes contain 30 daily packets. Each "Daily Foundational Packet" has 6 vitamin-rich capsules, which makes for a total of 180 capsules in a single box. As a free bonus, we include 3 Cold & Flu Symptom Packs inside of each box.

Each Foundational Daily Packet contains six capsules. (2) Omega-3, (2) Magnesium, (1) Multivitamin, and a (1) Phytonutrient.

Even if you eat the healthiest foods, you may not be consuming all the vitamins you need on a daily basis.

Our goal is to meet the core foundational nutritional needs of all people over 40. We focus on what everyone needs.

We only use the purest ingredients. We believe that your body deserves the best nutrients, nothing less. Our vitamins are easily absorbable and have high potency. To ensure the best quality, we routinely check all of our ingredients by sending our vitamins to third-party laboratories for testing.

You should take the vitamins when it works best for you. Building a routine that you can follow is key to taking them everyday.

Everyone is different. Some people report they feel the effects after two weeks while others report feeling the effects after two months. It's totally dependent on you.

Product Information

Our vitamins should be taken every day. There are 30 daily packets included in each box - lasting you the entire month. It helps to take them at the same time every day so you get into a habit of taking them.

After you subscribe we’ll send you a monthly supply of vitamins to your front door every month. You get a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't like the vitamins or if they don't work for you. We have hassle-free returns.

Don't sweat it! It happens to the best of us. If you forget for a day or two, pick right back up where you left off. No one is perfect at remembering to take vitamins!

Yes. Head over to your emails from when you initially ordered our product. You will see a link to a customer portal. You can adjust your subscription through the customer portal.

Product Details

All of our vitamins are manufactured and tested in the United States of America.

You will find an expiration date on the back of the packets you are taking. You must not consume any vitamins after the expiry date has passed.

You should store your vitamin boxes somewhere that you'll remember to take them. We recommend storing your vitamins in a dry and cool place to preserve their quality.

We highly recommend consulting with a physician before starting any new vitamins or supplements.

Shipping and Delivery

You can change your shipping address at any time. Visit the customer portal to adjust your address. Alternatively, you can reach out to us via email:

Yes you can cancel. Please note: to cancel, we require a 3-day notice before we ship your new monthly box.

If you have any problems with your product, contact us at and we’ll do our best to resolve your issue.

Account and Billing

Click on ‘’forgot password’’ on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your current password.

There is not a limit to how many subscriptions you can have under one profile.

We charge you 2 days before your order ships on a monthly basis.

Yes. You can edit your billing address through the customer portal on our website.

Reach Us

Yes our phone number is toll-free accross the US (800) 536-1693

We always welcome applications. If you want to work in our team and are passionate about vitamins, reach out to us at

Absolutely! We welcome your partnership request and will be happy to chat with you. Send us a message at

You can reach us on our email address:

Yes we do! Reach out to us at and we can discuss the details. 

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