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Our ingredients at Envura stand out amongst the rest. We provide the most impactful ingredients in our packs to maximize nutrients and absorption. We have compiled the following statements to 


We use capsules instead of tablets. Although it is easier to fit more nutrients into pressed tablets, they are much more inefficient in digesting. Tablets are coated and contain binders, fillers, and diluents to keep them together. Our capsules break apart in minutes once entering the digestive system and doesn't contain the fillers that tablets do. 


Envura does not include Magnesium stearate in any of our supplements. Most commonly magnesium stearate is used as a flowing agent used for manufacturing supplements. It has been shown to reduce the absorption rate of some nutrients.


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Sometimes minerals will contain mineral oxides or use buffering to save money. These forms are poorly absorbed. We only use chelated, fully reacted minerals because they are the best absorbed into the body. 


Our vitamins are free of Gmos, dairy, artificial colours, and artificial flavours. 


Vitamin D3 is the superior form over Vitamin D2 which is less absorbable. We make sure to only include D3 because as the human body ages it becomes more difficult to absorb proper amounts of D3.


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Most multivitamins have Vitamin K but do not contain Vitamin K2. Vitamin K2 is essential for directing calcium into the bones and away from the arteries. Studies have shown people lacking Vitamin K2 can face hardening of the arteries which can pose a risk of heart disease.


We don't pack our capsules full of ingredients. We fit what we can, and if we need more we split the optimal dosage into two capsules. Our magnesium and omega-3s are split into two different capsules. This keeps our vitamins small and easy to swallow. 


Our version of Vitamin B12 is more absorbable compared to other B12 products. We use methylcobalamin which is easier to absorb compared to cyanocobalamin. The same goes for our vitamin B6, we use pyridoxal 5'-phosphate and we stay away from the less absorbable pyridoxine HCL.


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You can have the peace of mind knowing that our purity is be above the rest. We back it up by testing our vitamins consistently. We test through 3rd party companies so we can stay true to our word and provide you with the some of the highest grade raw ingredients. Your health deserves it. 


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