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Envura was founded on the principle of making the world a healthier place. We are the first to acknowledge that vitamins are only a small piece to the bigger puzzle of health. Health is all encompassing. We want to partner with organizations in the community that also believe in a dynamic view of health as we do. We aim to make a significant impact to The Alzheimer's Foundation of America by donating 25% of all our profits.

Our mother, grandmother, and mother-in-law was diagnosed with Dementia ten years ago and recently passed away two years ago. It was a difficult time for us and we know it is even more difficult for millions of families that are faced with loved ones diagnosed with this disease. We want to help provide funds towards the treatment and research into Alzheimer's disease.


We are currently partnered with the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America because of the importance we put on brain health. Our brain is arguably the most important organ in our body, we want to focus on supporting research to keep it healthy. We want to continue the push to make brain health as focused on as physical health. Our donations will directly provide funds to the foundation. 


The reason we put a big emphasis on paying it forward is because we know that giving back and supporting the communities that surround us is key. We want to help others who may not put as much importance on their health. We hope that our charitable giving is able to inspire people who don’t emphasize their own health into starting their own health journey.

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